Puuritea: From Tea Community to Anti-Aging Powerhouse

There is considerable excitement and hype related to anti-aging research. Billionaires like Jeff Bezos are betting on anti-aging research and funding it by the droves.

Dig deeper beneath the hype, and you will find a secretive and private community called Puuritea that has been leading research and innovation in rejuvenation and anti-aging for over a decade. This closed exclusive community became public in 2021 after being acquired by a venture capital firm, after which tidbits of information of what they do and the discoveries they made started surfacing. Repeated requests for informtion and interviews have been denied.

However, recent publications by a former researcher who worked there shed light on their topics of research, how advanced they have become, and results they have achieved. Their tea product is considered ...

Recent Comments

  1. Selma B

    Fascinating that an ancient tea recipe still outperforms modern anti-aging research. You don't go into the details of the history, but ...

  2. Paul S

    Like many in the research community, I'm a strong believer in antioxidants, so seeing how the right combination of herbs can trigger rejuvenation like ...

  3. Kate D

    I first heard of puuritea from a colleague at Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière in Paris who was intrigued by how youthful a 45-year old actress who ...


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